About: PreemploymentDirectory.com

PreemploymentDirectory.com is a comprehensive listing of professional background screening companies. Founded in 2005, PreemploymentDirectory.com has grown to become the leading online directory available to organizations to use to search for a background screening firm PreemploymentDirectory.com.

PreemploymentDirectory.com helps businesses of all sizes to meet the critical need they have to know whom they are hiring and who is on their payroll. With the challenges that organizations are facing today with finding the talent they need to succeed the need was never greater to have a trusted partner to help them avoid making a bad hire. Background screening has reached the point where it is a critical part of the hiring and selection process. Finding the right background screening firm to meet your company’s needs is imperative.

PreemploymentDirectory.com helps you meet this need by making it easy for you to quickly find a background screening firm. The directory allows you to search for a background screening firm either alphabetically or by geographic location. You can search for a background screening firm in the U.S. by clicking on a state from a map of the U.S. or by clicking on the country on our world map. It’s that easy.

The Directory consist of several sections to guide organizations quickly to the company that will serve them best:

1. Alphabetical listing
2. U. S. Domestic Section (firms are listed by their location, State by State)
3. International Section (firms that conduct background screening internationally listed by country)
4. Vendor Showcase (firms that provide services to the background screening industry listed by categories:

A key feature of PreemploymentDirectory.com is the Background Screening Knowledge Center. It has an information rich International Background Screening Resource Center that provides extensive information about conducting international background investigations and checks as well as other relevant information for people  doing business in the global marketplace. There is also a U.S. Background Screening Resource Center that provides extensive information about conducting background checks in the U.S.

The Background Screening Knowledge Center also has an extensive Article Library that can be searched by geographic location; states in the U.S. or by country worldwide; or by category. You can also use the search feature on the site to find the information you are looking for.

PreemploymentDirectory.com has put the world of background screening at your fingertips and created an information portal that has the most information about background screening available in the world. Organizations no longer need to search in multiple places or get frustrated with large search engines that show a multitude of unrelated information. PreemploymentDirectory.com is your source for information on background screening and we hope you will visit PreemploymentDirectory.com often.